The Goddess of Chaos

With betrayal, mysteries, and untruths on every side, who can she trust and will she even make it out alive? Victoria Wells’s life is blissful - if not a little dull. However, where ever she goes, chaos seems to follow her. Only her fiancé, Gerald, can keep her balanced. That all changes when Victoria Wells falls asleep in her fiancé’s car on the way to their wedding. Hours later, she is woken up - chained to a bed in a strange new world. An eccentric man she had a bizarre encounter with earlier, is standing above her. From there, everything grows more twisted. The strange man tells her that she’s in the Underworld of all places. And what’s more, she’s the powerful and merciless Goddess of Chaos. Could she be having a fever dream, or is everything … real? With forces vying for her powers, her fiancé - who is truly the God of Chaos - acting increasingly evil and the powers of Chaos itself growing more powerful and unstable in her veins, Victoria isn’t convinced that she - or the world itself - will survive an unbalanced Chaos incarnate. Sorcerers, dragons, Gods and Goddesses, romance, and adventure, follow Victoria as she faces a terrifying truth and navigates an increasingly chaotic - and dangerous - existence